#52Ancestors52Weeks: Fun Fact

I am in the middle of researching Private Robert Carey of the 42nd Regiment of Foot. He was part of the military during the Napoleonic Wars and fought at Waterloo. He had to retire from the military due to his injuries and ended up settling with his wife, Marion, in Musselburgh, a town to the east of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Robert and Marion had a grandson called John “Fiery” Carey. He was born and raised in Musselburgh and started off his adult life working as a labourer in a brick factory. He had a career change and started working as a golf caddie on Musselburgh Links. He was the caddie for Willie Park Junior, who apparently wouldn’t go anywhere without his favourite caddie!

John’s image has been immortalised on cigarette cards as well as within a stained glass window. He also had the 16th hole at Monktonhall named “Fiery” after him. John never married and lived with his sister (my direct ancestor) and then his niece’s family. He died in Musselburgh on 25 May 1913.

The nickname “Fiery” had nothing to do with his temper or his manner. It was because of his ruddy cheeks. He apparently was a very polite and well spoken man.

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